Let’s open our district

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What is Digital Social Innovation

  • a way to open the neighborhood to everyone in the hybrid space in which we live (network, street, houses, dreams in the drawer, etc. ..)
  • a way of connecting and promising solidarity and sustainability for a truly possible future
  • a way of doing innovation outside the box where the mother, the engineer, the poet, the adolescent, the elderly, the school, the library, the food and the volunteer can communicate and decide together what neighborhood they want
  • an opportunity for everyone
  • a community of innovators and dreamers
  • a realistic and sustainable solution since it is only necessary to observe the district in a different way with the means already at our disposal

Piazzale Pablo - Parma Piazzale Pablo little planet version


map the open and spontaneous resources of the neighborhood map the critical issues, risks and dangers map the needs, ideas, inspirations, stories and anecdotes develop projects co-created by citizens, institutions, agencies


map resources by geo-localizing them all together (using for example ASIGN)

Piazzale Pablo 360 view

Piazzale Pablo by 360


DECODE Barcelona

Citizens and technological revolution in Barcelona


Township data - Human Ecosystems

Digital Democracy and Data Commons

Sharing Cities A worldwide cities overview on platform economy policies with a focus on Barcelona


Che Fare - La rigenerazione urbana come costruzione collettiva dell’identità del luogo



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